Revenge of the nerds

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In both government and business, stories of disgruntled IT personnel who have wreaked havoc are legion. They include the system administrator who locked everyone else out of San Francisco’s central computer system, the Australian who made a computerized waste-management system spill millions of liters of raw sewage into parks and rivers, the car-dealership worker who remotely shut down the cars of over 100 furious customers, and the guy who hacked into his ex-boss’s computer while he was giving a presentation to the city mayor and put a naked woman on the screen instead.

Source. Via Snippets of random.


Rising Brazil, Falling Brazil

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When I tell people that I am going to Brazil, they normally react to the idea of beaches and carnival (to which I respond that I am not going to Rio), or to the economic growth of Brazil. This second reason explains more of my interest in Brazil, but it also seems to be pretty outdated. Maybe people are remembering the BRICs report from Goldman Sachs, but that was a decade ago. All the economic analysis I read nowadays about Brazil are pretty grim. Low GDP growth, corruption, lack of investment, horrid infrastructure… I wonder if all of these news articles just aren’t reaching the public.

A recent article from The Economist is just the latest in a long series of publications describing how Brazil’s economy has been weakening, but when is this going to reach the popular consciousness?