Welcome to the beginning of the China Brazil Blog. Here I hope to chart the development of the China Brazil relationship, to report on and analyze events, to critique and praise articles, and to give reader a wide swath of general knowledge concerning both countries and cultures. Over the next few years I’ll be learning Portuguese, buffing up on Brazil, as well as reading everything I can get my hands on concerning diplomacy, trade, investment, and cooperation between the country of the future and the middle kingdom.

I see this blog as serving two general purposes. First, it will give me a place to chart my own progress to becoming a Brazil-China expert. This first will involve becoming proficient in Portuguese and becoming familiar with Brazil, and later it will involve delving deeper into issues. My hope is that by writing things here I will not only improve my skills as a writer, but I will also be forces to shape my ideas into coherent forms.

Secondly, I’ll be scouring the web for news and articles on the Brazilian Chinese relationship and attempting to analyze developments. In this sense, this blog will also serve as a sort of a resource for Brazil-China news on the web.  I’ll attempt to summarize whatever the latest buzz is between these two countries, while sharing whatever resources I find.

So saude and gān bēi to the beginning of this new project!